Vipers 04 head to Atlanta Legacy!

Vipers 04 head to Atlanta for the Atlanta Legacy Showcase 7/9/2020-7/12/2020. All games will be live streamed on AthletesGoLive, Team ID is AGL005395

Schedule for the weekend (Subject to change) All times Eastern


2.40 p.m. Vipers v. Bandits NC 04 Simpson            LMF8

4.10 p.m. Vipers v. Firecrackers GA Mayfield        LMF8


8.00 a.m. Vipers v. Atlanta Vipers Sims                    LMF6

9.30 a.m. Vipers v. Mojo 04 Carter                            LMF7


11.20 a.m. Vipers v. GA Impact Rush                        LMF6

12.50 p.m. Vipers v. Indiana Gators 04                    LMF7


12.50 p.m. Vipers v. Team Kent. ASA Gold             LMF7

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